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51 Comprehensive Picture of the Excited State Dynamics of Cu(I)- and Ru(II)-Based Photosensitizers with Long-Lived Triplet States M. A. Argüello Cordero, P. J. Boden, M. Rentschler, P. Di Martino-Fumo, W. Frey, Y. Yang, M. Gerhards, M. Karnahl, S. Lochbrunner, S. Tschierlei

Inorg. Chem., 2022, 61, 214-226
45 Elucidation of Cooperativity in CO2 Reduction Using a Xanthene-Bridged Bimetallic Rhenium(I) Complex R. Giereth, P. Lang, E. McQueen, X. Meißner, B. Braun-Cula, C. Marchfelder, M. Obermeier, M. Schwalbe & S. Tschierlei

ACS Catal., 2021, 11, 390-403
37 Remarkably long-lived excited states of copper photosensitizers containing an extended π-system based on an anthracene moiety R. Giereth, I. Reim, W. Frey, H. Junge, S. Tschierlei & M. Karnahl

Sustainable Energy Fuels, 2019, 3, 692-700
36 Unexpected wavelength dependency of the photocatalytic CO2 reduction performance of the well-known (bpy)Re(CO)3Cl complex P. Lang, R. Giereth, S. Tschierlei & M. Schwalbe

Chem. Commun., 2019, 55, 600-603
25 Death and Rebirth: Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production by a Self-Organizing Copper-Iron System S. Fischer, D. Hollmann, S. Tschierlei, M. Karnahl, N. Rockstroh, E. Barsch, P. Schwarzbach, S.-P. Luo, H. Junge, M. Beller, S. Lochbrunner, R. Ludwig & A. Brückner

ACS Catal., 2014, 4, 1845-1849
14 Photochemical Fate: The First Step Determines Efficiency of H2 Formation with a Supramolecular Photocatalyst S. Tschierlei, M. Karnahl, M. Presselt, B. Dietzek, J. Guthmuller, L. González, M. Schmitt, S. Rau & J. Popp

Angew. Chem., Int. Ed., 2010, 49, 3981-3984